The Wake

Once the funeral had concluded we all headed over to the Elephant and the Wheelbarrow in Northbridge.  Here, all of Richard’s close and dear friends settled in for the night to celebrate his life and exchange a few yarns.


A video of Richard played on the screen all night, The Jarrah Celts (celtic band) played familiar celtic songs and the drinks flowed all night.  We managed to close this pub and then head over to another bar for a final drink before drawing the celebrations to an end.


At the end of the night, as we were closing the pub, we all charged our glasses and held them high to sing “The Parting Glass”.  This is an old celtic song, which was sung in Richard’s honour.  We all raised our glasses high for the duration of the song, and sang as best we all could – For Richard, because you’re worth it!


Song: The Parting Glass


Photos from The Wake

The Wake : The Elephant and the Wheelbarrow
From Left to Right: Michelle Dunn, Charles Yau, Bob Goodwin, Helen Dillon, Chen Zeng & Bruce Watson



Rich, never let it be forgotten – You Are Deeply Loved


We Will Remember You!