Music Playlist

Music was a really big part of Rich’s life.  Whether it was playing the guitar, singing or simply listening to music, Rich often used music as a way to communicate his thoughts and feelings.

The following is the Playlist that Rich took with him everywhere.  It’s a mixture of songs that he liked as well as songs that he listened to so he could learn them to accompany me singing.

I’ve entered the Playlist as he had it stored, so you’ll notice some duplication of songs:

  1. The Weight                                                                      The Staple Singers
  2. Love the Way You Lie                                                    Enimen (featuring Rihanna)
  3. Lose Yourself                                                                  Enimen
  4. Money                                                                              Pink Floyd
  5. Regulate                                                                          Warren G, Nate Dogg
  6. Lost in the Light                                                             Bahamas
  7. Con Te Partiro’                                                               Andrea Bocelli
  8. Morning                                                                          Beck
  9. The Lowest Trees                                                          Sting
  10. The Man Who Sold The World                                  Nirvana
  11. Wuthering Heights                                                       Kate Bush
  12. A Man Is In Love                                                           The Waterboys
  13. Running to Stand Still                                                  U2
  14. The Unforgiven                                                              Apolcalyptica
  15. World Leader Pretend                                                 R.E.M.
  16. Smells Like Teen Spirit                                                Tori Amos
  17. Hello                                                                                Evanescence
  18. Extreme Ways                                                               Toby
  19. Running Up That Hill                                                  Kate Bush
  20. Hypnotized                                                                     Paul Oakenfold
  21. Fields of Gold                                                                 Sting
  22. First We Take Manhattan                                            R.E.M.
  23. Creep                                                                                Radiohead
  24. Cloudbusting                                                                  Kate Bush
  25. Tones                                                                               Nova Nova
  26. Its the End of the World As We Know It                  R.E.M.
  27. Jackie                                                                               Placebo
  28. Funeral Singers                                                              Califone
  29. Red Army Blues                                                             Waterboys
  30. The Man Comes Around                                              Johnny Cash
  31. Starman                                                                           David Bowie
  32. Englishman in New York                                             Sting
  33. Every You and Every Me                                              Placebo
  34. The Three Day Man                                                       Waterboys
  35. Superman (It’s Not Easy) (Acoustic Version)          Five for Fighting
  36. Johnny and Mary                                                           Placebo
  37. Scar                                                                                   Missy Higgins
  38. A Man Is In Love                                                            Waterboys
  39. Running Up That Hill                                                    Placebo
  40. Square One                                                                       Coldplay
  41. Pride (In The Name of Love)                                        U2
  42. Galveston                                                                          Glen Campbell
  43. Loser                                                                                  Beck
  44. Extreme Ways                                                                  Moby
  45. Pure Morning                                                                   Placebo
  46. Oh Death                                                                           Noah Gundersen
  47. ‘Till I Collapse                                                                  Eminem, Nate Dogg
  48. Love the Way You Lie                                                     Enimen (featuring Rihanna)
  49. Wichita Lineman                                                             Glen Gampbell
  50. Oliver’s Army                                                                    Elvis Costello
  51. X & Y                                                                                   Coldplay
  52. Variation                                                                            Nova Nova
  53. Hurt                                                                                    Johnny Cash
  54. Pure Morning                                                                   Placebo
  55. U + Ur Hand                                                                     P!nk
  56. We Are All Made of Stars                                               Moby
  57. A Man Is in Love (2008 Remaster)                              Waterboys
  58. The Promise                                                                      Michael Nyman
  59. 1000 Oceans                                                                     Tori Amos
  60. Off To The Races                                                              Lana Del Ray
  61. Church Not Made With Hands                                     The Waterboys
  62. American Pie                                                                     Don McLean
  63. A Sorta Fairytale                                                              Tori Amos
  64. Russians                                                                             Sting
  65. They Weren’t There                                                          Missy Higgins
  66. When Ye Go Away                                                            The Waterboys
  67. The River                                                                            Bruce Springsteen
  68. Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?                                Moby
  69. A Pagan Place                                                                    The Waterboys
  70. Porcelain                                                                             Moby
  71. Viva La Vida                                                                       Coldplay
  72. It Was A Very Good Year                                                Robbie Williams, Frank Sinatra
  73. The Unforgettable Fire                                                   U2
  74. The Hardest Part                                                              Coldplay
  75. Royals                                                                                Lorde
  76. An Irish Airman Foresees His Death                          The Waterboys
  77. Lyra (The Golden Compass)                                         Kate Bush
  78. About A Girl                                                                     Nirvana
  79. Empty Chairs                                                                   Don McLean
  80. A Sorta Fairytale                                                             Tori Amos
  81. Bells For Her                                                                    Tori Amos
  82. The Raggle Taggle Gypsy                                              The Waterboys
  83. She                                                                                     Elvis Costello
  84. The Ocean                                                                        Noah Gundersen
  85. Imitation of Life                                                             R.E.M.
  86. The Drugs Don’t Work                                                  The Verve
  87. White Shadows                                                               Coldplay
  88. Yellow                                                                               Coldplay
  89. Crucify                                                                              Tori Amos
  90. Dream Catch Me                                                            Newton Faulkner
  91. Who Knew                                                                       P!NK
  92. Song of Wandering Aengus                                          The Waterboys
  93. Ziggy Stardust                                                                  David Bowie
  94. In God’s Country                                                             U2
  95. Gentle On My Mind                                                        Glen Campbell
  96. Superman (It’s Not Easy)                                              Five For Fighting
  97. Something From Nothing                                             Foo Fighters
  98. Us Against The World                                                   Coldplay
  99. Country Feedback                                                          R.E.M.
  100. Space Oddity                                                                   David Bowie
  101. Forgive and Forget                                                         Maggie Szabo
  102. Where I Stood                                                                 Missy Higgins
  103. Paint It Black                                                                  The Rolling Stones
  104. She Moved Through The Fair                                      Loreena McKennitt
  105. Kingdom of Rain                                                            The The
  106. Come As You Are                                                            Nirvana
  107. The Wrong Child                                                            R.E.M.
  108. Hurt                                                                                   Johnny Cash
  109. Castles In The Air                                                           Don McLean
  110. Even Better Than The Real Thing                               U2
  111. Where the Streets Have No Name                              U2
  112. Everlong (Acoustic Version)                                        Foo Fighters
  113. A Girl Called Johnny                                                     The Waterboys
  114. The Wild Side                                                                 Ezio
  115. The Man With The Child In His Eyes                        Kate Bush
  116. Bitter Sweet Symphony                                                The Verve
  117. The Raggle Taggle Gypsy (Live)                                 The Waterboys
  118. Smells Like Teen Spirit                                                 Nirvana
  119. Tones                                                                                Nova Nova
  120. Everlong                                                                          Foo Fighters
  121. Karma Police                                                                  Radiohead
  122. Bring Me To Life                                                            Evanescence
  123. Lose Yourself                                                                  Eminem
  124. Bells For Her                                                                  Tori Amos
  125. Until The End Of The World                                       U2
  126. My Immortal                                                                  Evanescence
  127. Ready Steady Go!                                                          Paul Oakenfield
  128. Clocks                                                                              Coldplay
  129. Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses                        U2
  130. Hypnotized                                                                     Paul Oakenfield, Tiff Lacey
  131. Dream Catch Me                                                           Newton Faulkner
  132. The Heart Asks Pleasure First                                    Michael Nyman
  133. Sympathy For The Devil                                              The Rolling Stones
  134. Every You And Every Me                                             Placebo
  135. Cuando Los Sapos Bailen Flamenco                         Ella Baila Sola
  136. Southern Sun                                                                 Paul Oakenfield
  137. Vincent                                                                            Don McLean
  138. The Man Who Sold The World                                  David Bowie
  139. Millennium                                                                    Robbie Williams
  140. Agony                                                                              Ezio
  141. Female of the Species                                                  Space
  142. Ring of Fire                                                                    Johnny Cash
  143. Desert Rose                                                                   Sting
  144. Crossroads                                                                     Don McLean
  145. Come As You Are                                                          Nirvana
  146. Life On Mars?                                                                David Bowie
  147. The Safety Dance                                                          Men Without Hats
  148. The Safety Dance (Extended Club Mix)                  Men Without Hats
  149. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me                      U2
  150. Running To Stand Still                                               U2
  151. First We Take Manhattan                                          Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jennifer Warnes, C. Roscoe Beck, Leonard Cohen
  152. Famous Blue Raincoat                                               Jennifer Warnes, C. Roscoe Beck, Leonard Cohen
  153. All Along The Watchtower                                        Jimi Hendrix
  154. Redemption Song                                                       Bob Marley & The Wailers
  155. Kilkelly Ireland                                                           Carlyle Fraser,  Irish Roses : Women of Celtic Song
  156. Kilkelly Ireland                                                            Sean Keane
  157. Västanberg                                                                   Wintergatan