On 2 February 2017, we bid a solemn farewell to Mr Richard William Walkland and in an instant the world seemed a little less bright.

He had a slim, erect figure, disciplined posture and the chin of a conqueror.  His eyes were those big, blue eyes that hold dreams in them – eyes that would suddenly flash with the fire of fight when there was need for fighting.

Within the pages of this website, I have attempted to tell what I know of the man that is Richard Walkland, the influences brought to bear upon him, and as objectively as possible, an account of his prodigious career.  I have not tried to draw a veil over those parts of his life for which I have not been exposed, but I freely acknowledge that there is a portion of his life before meeting me, over which I have limited knowledge.

Who am I?  I am just a girl, that happened to come across Richard.  We were undeniable.  We collided, moved our worlds to be together and from then onwards we walked hand-in-hand and fought back-to-back.  I am very lucky and grateful to have known Richard so intimately, and so deeply  for so long.

Richard would regularly say to me:

“Through the Chaos as it Swirls.  It’s You and Me Against the World”